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The fee for AEP courses is separate from regular tuition. Each course counts toward full-time enrollment and financial aid requirements, and each course also factors into an undergraduate student’s GPA.

ENGL 102, 103, 104 are $1,788 per course

If you are required to take an AEP course, please follow these steps:
  1. Determine which AEP course(s) you need to take. Open your unofficial transcript through your MyUW Webpage. In the upper left-hand corner beneath your name, the required English courses should be listed. If you are required to take more than one course, you only need to register for one each quarter until the requirement is satisfied. You can check to make sure your placement is correct, by referring to our Course Placement information page.

  2. Review AEP course offerings in the University Time Schedule. AEP courses are listed under “English.” The Time Schedule shows you the course time, location, and instructor. Once you have found the section you would like to take, write down the 5-digit SLN number for the course. You will enter the course SLN number to register through your MyUW Webpage.

If you have already satisfied the English Language Proficiency Requirement, and you wish to register for an AEP course, please contact

No section changes are permitted after week one of the quarter. AEP courses follow published UW policies regarding refunds and withdrawals. To switch sections or to see if you are eligible to drop an AEP course, contact

Registering for English 105
To register for English 105, contact Students who have taken the VERSANT TEST are given priority registration.

Non-Matriculated Students and Visiting Scholars
If you are a non-matriculated student or a visiting scholar, you may also take AEP courses if there is space available. Matriculated students have priority in these courses. To register for a course, contact the AEP Advisor at 206-543-6242 or email

Contact Us with Your Questions
If you have further questions not covered on this page, please contact us here.