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The Academic English Program (AEP) provides the following courses for UW students:
  • Two courses of academic reading and writing (ENGL 102, ENGL 103)
  • Communication Strategies (ENGL 104)
  • International teaching assistant training (ENGL 105)
Course Credits
ENGL 102, 103 & 104 are designated as general elective credits and can be counted toward fulfilling undergraduate degree requirements. Grades received in ENGL 102-104 are factored into an undergraduate studentís GPA.

Students who are required to take AEP courses are placed according to standardized test scores submitted to UW Admissions. The following standardized tests are accepted for determining placement:
  • SAT (undergraduate students only)
  • ACT (undergraduate students only)
  • TOEFL iBT (Internet version)

If you do not submit a standardized test score, you are required to take the AEP Placement Test. If you do not take the AEP Placement Test, you will automatically be placed in the lowest level English language course, ENGL 102.

Course Offerings Schedule
AEP courses are offered during the following quarters. Please visit the UW Time Schedule for specific course times and fees.

Early Fall Start: ENGL 102, 103 & 104
Autumn & Winter Quarter: ENGL 102, 103, 104, & 105
Spring Quarter: ENGL 103, 104, & 105
Summer Quarter: ENGL 105 only

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